Contracting designer working with product design, leadership & design systems. Working out of Stockholm, Sweden. Designing experiences alongside some of the biggest names in tech.

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A safe haven for your luxury valuables.

In the event of a disaster—a water damaged apartment, a house consumed by fire, or a theft or accidental loss—people typically recall merely 30% of their possessions. Compounding this issue, valuable items often lack proper documentation for insurance coverage.

Valkiv is a startup that offers a product which keeps your valuables safe and secure in a digital vault when disaster strikes.

As the CPO and advisor my responsibility is to define product MVP, build the R&D team, define and design the product experience, and guide us to product market fit in Sweden.

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Spotify Lyrics

Bring "social" back into social media.

Hummy is a social media platform that emphasizes forging communities around shared interests and hobbies. We incentivize collaboration, inspiring co-creation, and nurturing relationships that lead to long term personal joy.

As CPO at Hummy, I orchestrated end-to-end product strategy and R&D workflows, shaping ideas into production releases. Defining roadmaps and release schedules according to strategic directions, setting up data pipelines for quantitative analysis and qualitative processes for user research, crucial for achieving product-market fit. I was also responsible of designing the experience from scratch.

I was also part designing the experience, and applying our design system to our workflow in order to maintain quality, consistency and increased velocity in the development teams.

Spotify Clips

Enhancing music through video.

Leading the design for Spotify's first ever foregrounding experience, enabling artists to share their stories and connect deeply with fans through video content.

Videos are prominently showcased on artists' profiles, or during new releases placing music at the core of the experience. Clips encourages viewers to effortlessly transition from watching videos to enjoying music, while fostering long-term fan engagement.

Through content hypothesis we tested and eventually identified a need within in the fandom space, bringing fans closer to their artist through short format videos, on the topics of behind the music. We ran qualitative tests for usability testing, and quantitative tests to validate our content different content hypothesis. My role was designing the experience, and defining the design system for the Clips format for platformisation.

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Spotify Lyrics

The new lyrics experience.

I lead the creation of Spotify's new Lyrics experience, instrumental in shaping its vision and trajectory for the project.

Lyrics empowers users to seamlessly track lyrics in real-time as they're enjoying their favorite tunes. Beyond this, it offers a dynamic facet—enabling effortless curation and sharing of beloved song segments. Users can infuse a personal touch into these assets before sharing them to Instagram, Facebook, or WhatsApp.

I lead the design work, defining both short term deliverables and long term vision of Lyrics. We saw that fans appreciated lyrics, and by combining mood based listening with fandom we could drive shares, leading to downstream retention and growth.

Spotify Lyrics

I had the privilege of working as one out of five core members, as a design stakeholder in leading Spotify's expansion of 86 new markets. This ambitious undertaking was accompanied by an additional 36 new translations into the platform, effectively extending our reach to encompass nearly 180 global markets.

My role encompassed leading the design strategy, steering its execution during what stands as Spotify's most ambitious expansion to date.

The inherent challenges were substantial, particularly in navigating outcomes in the user experience of the Spotify app, that arose from potential limitations within the music catalogue.

Our approach centered on a methodical breakdown of potential outcomes, followed by rigorous risk assessment, ultimately culminating in the a handful of potential solutions. These were documented and subsequently presented to the management team.

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Klarna Checkout
Smoooth Dogg

Guiding the design for the next-gen shopping experience, pushing boundaries in shipping, payments, and identification for e-commerce and in-store solutions. As Klarna's Design Director, strategically led 24 product teams (~120 people), alongside a core team of 6, and a design team of 10 across 2 domains.

I held the dual responsibility of leading and empowering designers and shaping domain vision. My role involved executing this vision to strategically guide the teams in alignment with insights and company objectives.

Klarna Shipping

Creating a shipping experience that not only helped users choose the delivery they prefer, but also to be able to track it from store to door in the post purchase experience.

Klarna Payments

Allowing users to pay the way they want, remembering their preferred credentials was pivotal for returning users.

Klarna Identification

Identification and authorization becomes increasingly important to make sure that users are securely checked out, on a global scale.

Thangs & Physna

Thangs is the fastest growing 3d community with over 14,5 million available 3d models to search, store, and collaborate on. I helped them design their community experience and collaboration tools. During the time working with Thangs I helped them grow their userbase from 17k users, to 75k. Helping them land an investment of $20m.


Privyet, a Swedish startup targeting the Russian market, enabled users to request personalized shoutouts and greetings from their beloved celebrities. As a design and product advisor, I assisted Privyet in designing the app experience for celebrities and optimizing their commerce experience and checkout, from discovery to point of purchase. Leading to a 300% WoW growth.

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